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Chau-Hua Group (HongKong) founded in 2007, originally to research, develop and manufacture the dip switch and the tactile switch, gradually to broaden in the water-proof tactile switch, the LED-illuminated switch. In order to improve the quality and the service, we set up Chau-Hua Zhi Shuo Factory(Dongguan) in 2016. Nowadays, Chau-Hua has promoted professional research in manufacturing of the high-end quality switch for years.

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How Long The Terminal Will Be Stored In The Warehouse

It is suggested that you can use in dipping test to confirm: NO.1 Paste solder paste directly on the solder foot and look at the tin after passing through the furnace. If the tin is melted and covered well on the solder foot, it is proved that the problem is not big. NO.2 Immerse the solder foot of the product directly into the tin furnace (turn on the power in advance to make the tin temperature completely melt at about 240 ) for 2-5 seconds, and then take it out. If the solder foot can solder, it will be OK. NO.3 The contact feet are not discolored or loose. Without the conditions of the above two methods, the oxidation discoloration degree…

CHA-customized symbol LED tactile switch

Our company is engaged in the production and R & D of switches with more than ten years of experience. In addition to conventional products, we can also develop more new products according to the actual needs of customers. The color of the led and the symbol of the cap can be customized Features LED Illuminated, Two-color are available, with long life Parts of output terminals can be used As jumper lead, facilitating circuit design. Applications Consumer Products Instrumentation Computer Products Communication Equipment

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