CHA SRH3201 Series Through Hole Straight Type Rotary Switch

The SRH3201 Series PCB Mount Rotary Code switches with 8pin. Size : 42*26мм. For more information, pls feel free to contact with us~

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CHA SRH3201 Series Through Hole Straight Type Rotary Switch

parameter of the SRH3201 Series Rotary Switches

SRH3201 series Rotary switches
Rated voltage: 10mA 5V DC or 50mA 3VDC
Shuttle: 1mA 5V DC(resistance load) more than 4V
Fretting part: 1mA 5V DC(resistance load) more than 4V action force
Shuttle Department: 30 20mN
Micro department: 5mN
Operating life without load shuttle department: 100,000 давраҳо
Micro unit 50,000 cycles load
Micro department: 100,000 давраҳо
Shuttle Department: 50,000 давраҳо

Details of The SRH3201 Series Rotary Switches

Features and Application of SRH3201 Series Rotary Switches
Features : long life
Ариза : Video Surveillance


Bag, Coiling, Tube assembly

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CHAU-HUA GROUP (HONGKONG) CO., LIMITED focus on LED switch, illuminated push button switch, dip switch, rotary switch and so on. We will provide reliable products, professional QC team, best price. OEM/ODM are available.

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A1: We are a manufacturer with 12 years of production experience.

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A2: Our pant has own Quality Control Department, from raw materials to yield product, all completed under the full supervision of quality control department. And all products in the factory before packaging, are going through quality inspection again. We will make every effort to ensure that the product is free of defects.

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A4: We are pleasure to provide some samples for your test.

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A5:Sure~ ODM/OEM are available.

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A6: We are glad to share with you.


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